Projects List


Villa BD, Private Residence, San Diego, California
6000 sq ft private residence

Product design,Trufig, California

Product design, Sonance, California

Under Construction

26 Lux, Private Residence, London, England
2000 sq ft private residence


Villa K, Private Residence, San Diego, California, November 2012
5000 sq ft private residence

IT Shanghai, Boutique, Shanghai, China June 2012
60,000 sq ft multi-brand fashion boutique

Villa G, Private Residence, Florence, Italy, September 2011
3500 sq ft renovation and rehabilitation of a 12th century villa

Loft A, Private Residence, New York, USA, August 2011
2000 sq ft loft conversion and interiors

Villa B, Private Residence, Encinitas, California, January 2008 – design phase
8000 sq ft private residence

Villa R, Private Residence,Tomales, California, July 2007 – design phase
4000 sq ft interior renovation, private residence

Villa K, Private Residence, Coronado, California, December 2007
4500 sq ft private residence

Clarke Residence, Hampstead, London, Great Britain, September 2007
2000 sq renovation, private residence

Paltrow/Martin Residence, Belsize Park, London, Great Britain, January 2005
3500 sq ft private residence

Martin Residence, Belsize Park, London, Great Britain, May 2004
1500 sq ft private residence

Warshaw Residence, London, Great Britain, September 2004
4000 sq renovation and extention four-story Victorian house, private residence

Private Residence, Chelsea, London, Great Britain, April 2004
Private Residence, Lince Lodge, Blenheim Palace, Great Britain, March 2004
1500 sq ft interior of existing Georgian lodge house situated in a Capability Brown landscape garden (Grade I Listed World Heritage Site)

Princess Productions, London, Great Britain, February 2004
6000 sq ft television studio

Donnelly Apartment, London, Great Britain, September 2001
1000 sq interior renovation, private residence

Kennedy Residence, London, Great Britain, November 2001
1500 sq ft interior renovation, private residence

Donnelly Residence, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, December 2001
8000 sq ft interior and furniture, private residence

Private Residence, Craven Hill Gardens, London, Great Britain, July 1999
900 sq ft renovation, private residence


Coronado Bay Bridge Lighting Competion, San Diego, California 2010 – competion entry
Finalist international lighting and design competition

Figge Art Museum, Davenport Iowa, USA August 2000
75,000 sq ft art museum (with David Chipperfield)
Competition entry, First Prize
Exhibited at Venice Biennale June 2000

With David Chipperfield Architects

Bryant Park Hotel, New York, USA, March 2001
125 room hotel

Shore Club Hotel, Miami, USA, May 2001
300 room hotel

Private Residence, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, Great Britain, December 1999
5,000 sq ft private residence
Competition entry, First Prize

Joseph Menswear Boutique, London, Great Britain, October 1997
6000 sq ft renovation, multi-brand fashion boutique

Katharine Hamnett Fashion Boutiques, Worldwide, November 1996
Multi-store retail boutiques in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Korea