Figge Art Museum

Iowa, USA

This project, which was the result of an invited international competition, was the design of a new museum to replace the existing Davenport Museum of Art. Now called the Figge Art Museum, the new building has been repositioned from the edge of the city to the downtown along the southern flood plane of the Mississippi River. Its intent was to act as a world-class museum for its diverse collection and as a cultural ‘landmark’ to regenerate the downtown and riverside developments.

From the earliest design ideas the approach to this dichotomy was the proposal of a double skinned building, able to tolerate and insulate the collections from the harsh weather conditions of this region. Additionally, the vertical tower would be identifiable both as a civic icon and a figure in this flat landscape.

The 100,000 sq foot building enables the museum to further its mission as a community-centered arts institution. Construction was completed in 2005.