I.T Shanghai

Multi-Brand Boutique
Shanghai, China

This retail project is situated on the second floor of Plaza 66, a shopping complex in the center Shanghai and involved the organization and distribution of several clearly identifiable fashion brands within a single 300’ x 100’ space uniquely characterized with two main entrances at opposite ends.

From the outset, the design approach was to create a hierarchy of three main spatial types, namely the ‘hall’, the ‘container’, and the ‘mix space’. The hall was a spatial idea to physically connect and at the same time provide relief from each of the uniquely designed and independent brand spaces.  The containers, are spaces dedicated to each fashion house’s collection.  The mix spaces are openings between the containers that offer a mixing of both display and designers.

In contrast to the independent nature and diversity of each container space, the hall and mix spaces were designed as clearly ordered and organized spaces with a common lighting and material idea.

The furniture and displays were specifically designed for the spaces.