Private Residence, Villa K

Mission Hills, California, USA

This residential project is located on a corner lot in a quiet residential area of Mission Hills and consists of approximately the 5000sq ft of new-build construction arranged over two floors. The existing topography includes a gentle slope across the length of the site which encouraged the idea of creating a ‘raised table’ or platform, that supports spaces and volumes above and defines the spaces below.

The upper floor is organized as a series of clearly defined volumes that are attached by a generous ‘hall’ and connected to a series of outside terraces and gardens through full-height glazed openings that slide completely back into the walls. The lower floor was designed as an interlocked sequence of spaces that offer long framed views of the garden.

The exterior of the house is entirely enveloped in two materials, cantera stone, which defines the table top and sides, and hard troweled smooth stucco which wraps around the four upper volumes. The project involved the design and development of natural plaster interior wall and ceiling finishes.